Monday, March 18, 2013

Meiji Yan Yan Yoghurt Cream Snack Review!

Crazy from Kong

Yan Yan is a pretty interesting kind of snack from Japan which essentially consists of a bunch of stick shaped biscuits and one or more types of a thick creamy frosting type substance to dip the biscuits into. The most common flavours are chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, though in this episode we are reviewing the yoghurt version. 

You can see what a Yan Yan package looks like inside here (I couldn't find a pic of the yoghurt version so this one is chocolate + strawberry called Yan Yan Duo):
Yan Yan Duo Chocolate Strawberry
The snack is made by Meiji Japan and has been around for some time, at least since I was a kid (I'm 38 now...) and is very popular throughout Asia. You can see how to eat this tasty snack here:
Yan Yan Strawberry Yan Yan Chocolate
To see what Arne and I thought of the Meiji Yan Yan Yoghurt Cream Snack just check out our review from Crazy from Kong below: 

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