Monday, March 4, 2013

Self Freezing Coke, Wasabi Kit Kat, Green Tea Sprite, McDonalds Batman Burger & More - Crazy from Kong Reviews!!!

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So what exactly is Crazy from Kong ? It is a review show where myself (Spencer Douglass) and a couple of other characters, Arne Venema and Joe Fiorello, head out around town in Hong Kong to find weird, wacky and awesome snack and drink products to eat and review!
Is it fun? YES!
Is it awesome? Hmmm... you will have to be the judge of that...
What are some of the products we've reviewed? Well check out this short list below (can click on the titles to link through to the reviews):

Japanese McDonalds
Baby Crabs
Kimchi Chocolate
Japanese Wasabi Kit Kat
Special Japanese 7up
MOS Burger Hong Kong
Dragon Ball Z
Hope this short list of some of the awesome and crazy products we've reviewed has caught your attention! Check out the reviews and our channel by clicking here: Crazy from Kong