Monday, March 4, 2013

Ginger Ale Kit Kat - Weirdest Kit Kat in the World!

Japanese Ginger Ale Kit Kat

Well it all started with this one!
Arne and myself (Spencer Douglass) were in This Music Studio in Hong Kong working on some behind the scenes videos for a music recording project for a local artist called Race Wong, when we all got a little thirsty. I decided to head down to the local 7 Eleven and get some drinks and snacks for everyone and when I got there something caught my eye from the bottom shelf - Ginger Ale Kit Kat ! I immediately bought it and took it back to the studio to show Arne. After the initial laughter and surprise when he and the others saw this bizarre Kit Kat, he said he had the perfect idea, that we should film ourselves eating it and our reactions. And so Crazy from Kong was born!

This is what Ginger Ale Kit Kat looks like inside the package:
Japanese Ginger Ale Kit Kat
Hope you enjoyed the review. 
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