Friday, March 15, 2013

Ebi (Shrimp) Burger - Our 1st McDonald's Review!!!

McDonalds Shrimp Burger
The Ebi Burger, which means Shrimp Burger in Japanese, was the very first ever Asian specialty burger from McDonalds that we ever got to review!

It was really fun getting to eat and then share our experiences and opinions on one of the wacky (yet often delicious) burgers that McDonalds release specially for the Asian marketing. Honestly you Americans, Canadians, British, French etc. really miss out! I know they do release specialty burgers in all countries around the world, but nowhere near as frequently as in Asia and nowhere near as crazy, wacky and fun. Of all Asian countries, Japan has by far the most crazy and the most frequent specialty McDonalds Burgers - Carbonara Burger, Idaho Burger and Shogun Burger - to name a few, but Hong Kong (where we are based) is not too far behind and we get some really weird and great McDonalds products out here. The last special burger I had was today; it was the McDonalds McCurry and it was fantastic!

The Ebi Burger also has a big brother, the Mega Ebi Burger, which is a double patty version. You can see what one of the real burgers looks like here:
McDonalds Shrimp Burger
By the way, this was the first review where we added a short humourous piece to the end after the credits. This has become a little feature of our show since then, as we always try to find an amusing outtake or scene to put at the end. So make sure you watch it all the way through!

I really want to tell you exactly what it tasted like, but then that would be giving away the game... So to see whether the Ebi Burger was good or not, you'll have to check out our Crazy from Kong review below:

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