Thursday, March 21, 2013

Lotte Pepero Nude - The Most Famous Biscuits in Korea!

Lotte Pepero Nude
Pepero is an extremely popular Korean biscuit produced by Lotte since 1983, though it is actually a copy of the Japanese biscuit Pocky which has been sold by Glico since 1966. Pepero has become so popular in Korea that there is even a "Pepero Day"!!! This is basically the equivalent of Valentine's Day in other countries and consists of young people and couples Pepero Sticks, candies and romantic gifts. It's held on 11/11 every year and is said to exist because the date resembles 4 of the biscuit sticks. Lotte does about 55% of their Pepero sales for the year in November and all kinds of special versions are available at that time as you can see here: 
11th November Pepero Day Korea
Typically Pepero (and Pocky for that matter) is a long thin biscuit dipped in chocolate or flavoured chocolate. However, the Pepero we are trying today are "Pepero Nude" which as the name implies are a type of "naked" biscuit by Pepero standards, with no coating on the outside. Instead there is something quite unexpected about these particular Pepero. 
Check out our review video below to find out more: 

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