Saturday, March 30, 2013

Meiji Meltykiss - One of the Most Famous Chocolates in Japan Really Melts in Your Mouth not in Your Hand!!!

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Meltykiss is a very famous chocolate across Japan created in 1993 by legendary Japanese confectionary and pharmaceutical company Meiji Seika which in turn was founded way back in 1916. The reason it is called Meltykiss is because it genuinely does seem to melt away in your mouth once you start eating it (like a kiss?). They come in many different flavours such as the regular chocolate, strawberry and green tea (pictured above) as well as ones like caramel, dark rum and meltykiss white chocolate. What is even more interesting about Meltykiss is that they are a "Winter Premium" product - meaning that they only hit the shelves in stores when it starts getting towards sweater wearing weather. The reason for this is very simple, those melt-in-your-mouth goodies would quickly become melt-on-the-shelf goodies if sold during the hotter summer months. 
Another thing they are famous for is their TV ads of which they have many, often featuring famous Japanese actresses like Aizawa Sayo (相沢 紗世). You can check out some of the popular ones here: 
and here: 

Well now you know a bit of background about this unique Japanese Chocolate, to see what we thought about Meiji Meltykiss - Strawberry flavour, check out our review below:

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