Thursday, March 14, 2013

Our 3rd Review - Red Bean Cake !

Adzuki Bean Cake
For those of you who live in the West you have probably never eaten this sweet snack before, but it is extremely popular in Japan and other forms of it are also eaten throughout Asia, especially in Hong Kong, Taiwan and China. You can see another more traditional version of red bean cake which is popular in Chinese territories, as well as Japan here: 
All red bean cakes are essentially made of a different type of outer layer usually either a modern sponge cake like covering or the more traditional glutinous rice based cake and then a filling of a type of thick "red bean jam" made from Azuki beans and sugar. 
Adzuki Bean Paste

The concept is not too dissimilar to the idea of a "Jammie Dodger" in England (a kind of jam filled biscuit) or Jelly Donuts in the States. But in this case instead of being made from a naturally sweet fruit based jam, the filling is produced from beans which would typically be used for making savoury dishes in the West.
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