Sunday, April 7, 2013

Ninja Hot Plate Potato Rings - The World's First Snack Food for Highly Trained Assassins !!!

Crazy from Kong Review
Ninja Hot Plate Potato Rings!!! This is a review that is dear to my heart for many reasons, firstly and obviously because it is a ninja snack and what could be cooler for a reviewer like myself than to review a snack created for ninjas? I feel 50% more like a ninja just because I ate these! Secondly, because as I mentioned in a previous post about "Mong Kok Style Roasted Sausage Flavour Potato Chips" , Jack'n'Jill made the only flavour of chips that was available when I first came to Hong Kong, so anything made by that company brings back lots of memories for me. And thirdly and finally because this was the first time ever that my good friend and now co-host of Crazy from Kong - +Joe Fiorello, made his first ever contribution to the series, in the form of one of the wackiest and most awesome videos to be found in youtube, which you can check out here: 

This video is actually one of my favourite things on the internet - every time I watch it I laugh! "Joe Pejuji - waaaahhhh!" hahaha. Oh Joe...

Well after seeing this completely insane video that Joe had put together, we decided we would definitely have to get him on board for Crazy from Kong, though it didn't happen till a little while later.

Back to the review, so what do chips made specially for Ninja's taste like? I'm afraid to answer that question you'll have to check out our review here:

By the way this was our first ever product from Malaysia!

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