Friday, April 5, 2013

Mong Kok Style Roasted Sausage Flavour Potato Chips - Crazy from Kong Review !

Jack and Kill Potato Crisps
I LOVE this product! Not because it is the most delicious thing in the world, but because it is utterly ridiculous! Think about it, a 'Roasted Sausage' flavour bag of chips already sounds ambitious enough (define the exact flavour of roasted sausage instead of pan-fried, boiled or grilled sausage) but this bag of chips is going even farther - they are claiming that these particular roasted sausages have been cooked in a Mong Kok Style. As the title says these are 'Mong Kok Style Roasted Sausage Flavour Potato Chips" - now that is just plain ridiculous in the most AWESOME possible way!!!

For those of you who don't know Mong Kok is a district in Hong Kong, which itself is a Special Administrative Region of China. To be more specific Mong Kok is the most densely populated district in Hong Kong and Hong Kong is the most densely populated city in the world, making Mong Kok the single most densely populated area on the planet (have you noticed how much I'm repeating myself in this blog entry?).

This is what Mong Kok looks like:
Busy Streets of Mongkok
And if you're wondering where the inspiration comes from for having a "Mong Kok Style" of roasted sausage flavour bag of crisps, then check out this photo of a typical street-food stand in MK below (sadly no actual sausage in this awesome pic):
Chinese Street Food from Mong Kok
I should also say a few words about the company that makes these rather awesomely bizarre chips as well... Jack'n'Jill was established all the way back in 1966 by Universal Robina Corporation, a large Philippine snack maker. When I was a kid in 1977 in Hong Kong, Jack'n'Jill Barbecue flavoured chips were the only flavour of crisps you could buy in Hong Kong (followed a few years later by Calbee Salted Potato Chips) and they were so fresh and handmade that half the chips would be burnt when you opened the pack!!! Here is the original BBQ flavour barely changed since the 70's:
Jack and Jill Barbeque Potato Chips
Well after all that if you want to know what Mong Kok Style Roasted Sausage Flavour Potato Chips actually taste like and whether they catch the authentic Mong Kok charm then you'll have to check out our Crazy from Kong review here:

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