Friday, April 5, 2013

Meiji Hokkaido Cheese Chocolate - Instead of Milk Chocolate they Made This Stuff With Stinky Cheese!!!

Cheese Chocolate from Hokkaido Japan
Ok, I don't think it's going to be giving the game away by letting you know that this product was disgusting... I mean was anybody ever expecting a cheese flavoured chocolate to be good? And let's go one step further, if I understand correctly this is not just a cheese flavoured chocolate, this is a chocolate where the milk is replaced by cheese in the production process! To make matters worse the cheese they use appears to be a strong, stinky, brie type cheese of the more pungent variety. This is just not a good combination. Heck this is not even a good idea. Whoever came up with this was a nut job. What's perhaps even more shocking is that this product has now been around for years and people are still stupid enough to buy it... Maybe once as a shock / novelty item, but if you have common sense or taste buds for that matter, then you will not be silly enough to punish yourself with it a second time.

Surprisingly this product is made by the long-standing and very famous Japanese confectionary and chocolate company Meiji Seika (usually known as Meiji for short). 90% of their products usually range from good to excellent and very few are even below average, but this one is really on a different tangent. At the risk of getting sued I'm going to imply that perhaps the creative team were on drugs when they invented this one.

The cheese they use in the chocolate comes from Hokkaido, the second largest Island in Japan and one of the cleanest and most beautiful places on the planet. Since Meiji own dairies (Meiji Dairies) I assume that this cheese is produced fresh by them on Hokkaido, before they make the stupid move of blending it into their usually delicious chocolate.

And if you think this is the end of the story, think again, coz they have another unwise cheese chocolate product, the Meiji Hokkaido Premium White Cheese Chocolate made with what appears to be a Chaumes / Port Salut / Brebis type of cheese. I have unfortunately or fortunately not been able to acquire this product yet, but you can check it out here:
White Chocolate Cheese Chocolate from Japan
Well as you can probably guess from what I'm writing here, this entire experience has rather confused and distressed me. To see the exact reaction I had when trying the product, check out our Crazy from Kong review here: 

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