Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Final Fantasy XIII Elixir - This Potion From One of the World's Most Popular Video Games Ever Comes to Life!!!

Spencer Douglass drinks Final Fantasy XIII Elixir
Well it doesn't get much cooler than this - Final Fantasy one of the most awesome video game franchises of all time have produced a series of special drinks based off the magical Elixir used in the game to restore your life force. Each can is designed in incredible and gorgeous detail and features a different character (or at least different pose) from the game. In total there are 16 cans that available for collecting, but unfortunately we were only able to get hold of two cans for our review and two extra cans for Arne to keep on his shelf! 

One of them was Lightning: 
Spencer Douglass Crazy from Kong Review
Another was Sazh Katzroy:
Crazy from Kong Review
Credit to the Japanese for sparing no expense or effort on the design of these cans which look truly beautiful - real collectors items for anyone who loves Final Fantasy!

This was our first ever "major success" for a Crazy from Kong video and by major success I mean that one day I checked the video views and they had jumped from the usual few hundred we were getting at that point to a few thousand. It was picked up by a couple of small video game blogs and a number of people watching other Final Fantasy XIII videos came to check it out afterwards. It was a big deal to us at the time, so if you were one of the original watchers thank you very much! 

As for the drink itself? Well I'm not sure if it restored my life force and plus it was difficult to concentrate on it's claimed healing effects because Arne spent half of the review waffling on about some old game called Einhander (terrible name, but apparently a great game). You can see what that looks like in this image: 
And for our final opinions on the extremely special collectors' edition Final Fantasy XIII Elixir you'll have to check out our review below: 

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