Monday, April 15, 2013

Lotte Black Black Strong Type - A Highly Technical Candy from Area 51 !!

Lotte Korean Caffeinated Candy
This tiny little package certainly appears to showcase a very special candy - first of all the double name "Black Black" certainly seems to imply something meaningful (even if we don't know exactly what) as the candy is obviously not just black, it is "Black Black". Secondly it specifies various strange and special things on the packet, although you can't see them from the picture above. The first of these is that it specifies that this candy is "Strong Type" obviously implying that this is no pushover candy, but rather something strong that you had better take seriously. The second and even more interesting statement on the package is that the candy is "Hi-Technical Excellent"!!! Now that certainly sounds like quite the statement, no? And it could be interpreted various different ways... One possible meaning is that the kind has been made to an excellent standard using highly technical means. Another meaning could be that the candy itself is highly technical and excellent because of that! 

Once you open up the packaging, you will find that each piece of candy is wrapped up tightly in very high quality metallic paper. The sweets themselves are completely jet black once you open the wrapping paper. Combining all these factors together and the fact that the outer packaging is very high quality metallic wrap and looks very advanced and technical in itself, we have decided that this candy must be the produce of the famous Area 51 manufactured from alien technology discovered after the first flying saucer crash landed there. 

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