Monday, April 22, 2013

McDonalds Wasabi Fish Burger - This Limited Edition Specialty Burger Packs a Punch!

Spencer Douglass reviews McDonalds Wasabi Burger on Crazy from Kong
This is an AWESOME Burger!!! I just have to say that up front. What a great idea of McDonalds to start combining spicy wasabi sauce with their traditional Filet-O-Fish Burger to create this fantastic variation on a long time classic Mickey D's offering. 

As it says on the packaging "It Packs a Punch" though I didn't find it too spicy, in comparison to my fellow Crazy from Kong reviewer Arne who was a touch overwhelmed by wasabi-ness at one point. In fact there is a rather entertaining blurb on the side of the box which actually tells you to "man up and take the challenge" - we found it pretty hysterical that McDonalds was daring us to eat their product. Well we steeled ourselves for the experience, took a deep breath and dared to take the challenge. 

The burger came in both a single fish patty and a double fish patty version and both were accompanied by both interesting and odd advertising campaigns. This clean image from Singapore below, gives a pretty good indication of what the double wasabi burger looked like: 
Japanese McDonalds Wasabi Burger
Well, all in all we enjoyed this burger a lot. It was definitely one of the best and most successful specialty burger from McDonalds we'd tried by that time and if memory serves correctly, I think it would hold up pretty well against the many more specialty burgers that have come out from McD's since then. 

To see our full thoughts on this fun creation as well as our reactions to the "challenge" to "man up" from McDonalds, check out our review below: 

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