Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Raspberry Cheesecake Kit Kat - A Sweet Delicious Treat!

Raspberry Cheesecake Kit KAt
Delicious!!! That's how I'd describe this wonderful Kit Kat creation from those ever inventive folks at Kit Kat Japan.

This is the second raspberry flavoured Kit Kat I've tried from Nestle Japan, the first one being the special Valentine's Kit Kat from 2010 which was a dark chocolate Kit Kat flavoured with both raspberry and passionfruit. However, where the flavour contrast they were going for that time of crisp fresh fruit contrasting with rich bitter dark chocolate was certainly respectable in concept, but in actuality a bit disappointing this one was absolutely excellent. Call me simplistic, but the combination of rich creamy and sweet milk chocolate with fresh and crisp raspberry was excellent and although I could not pick out any "cheese" flavour as such (they state that they use 1.7% real cheese in this product) it did have a certain creaminess to it.

As well as the fantastic flavour you can see from the photos above and below that the packaging is absolutely gorgeous. There's a little insignia on the front showing a crown and stating "Sweets Concept" - this refers to Nestlé's campaign to re-produce the flavours of more sophisticated sweets / cakes / desserts etc. in this case a raspberry cake filled with cream cheese as also shown on the packaging.
Nestle Japan makes a raspberry framboise kit kat
If you break the wafers in half and have a look inside, you will see that the raspberry flavoured cream is a rich pink colour and is sandwiched between layers of wafer biscuit. This sort of attention to detail that most people wouldn't even notice is just one more reason why I love Kit Kat Japan.
Framboise Kit Kat from Japan
Well there won't be any surprises when you watch our review as to whether we loved the product or not, but it was still a lot of fun eating it and as this is one of Joes's earliest reviews I hope you'll still check it out: 

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