Thursday, August 15, 2013

Green Tea Kit Kat Review!

Nestle Japan Japanese Green Tea Kit Kat
Green Tea Kit Kat??? Yep, it's real! As, you may already know from some of our past videos and posts Kit Kat Japan releases a minimum of one specialty Kit Kat a month (sometimes up to 4 or 5). These range from delicious and straightforward flavours like Strawberry or Orange, to more creative ones like Melon, Passionfruit or Rum Raisin, right through to some really wacky ones such as Buttered Baked Potato and MOS Burger Kit Kat.

Green Tea is a major thing in Asia and you get green tea everything here (Green Tea Sprite, Green Tea Oreos, Green Tea Haagen-Dazs, Green Tea Caramels) so of course one of the first and most popular choices was Green Tea Kit Kat. In fact this one is available more or less year round and now there are actually a whole range of different types of Green Tea Kit Kat that are available at any given time. The particular one we are reviewing which I believe is the original is called Uji Matcha Kit Kat, where Uji is a resort town famous for the quality of it's green tea and Matcha is the Japanese fine powder Green Tea.

When creating these chocolate bars Nestle Japan are almost always very faithful to what they have declared on the packaging, so you can see from the image below that the bars are a bright green colour from the Matcha being mixed with white chocolate and in-between the wafers there is a darker green Matcha cream filling.
Kit Kat Japan Uji Matcha Green Tea Kit Kat
So the question is, does this flavour combination work of chocolate, wafers, cream filling and green tea work? First, I should mention that I'm not an enormous fan of green tea flavoured things and quite often find that I don't enjoy lots of green tea products which other people insist are amazing. With that in mind, I actually still found this very good! As is quite common for Kit Kat Japan, they did an excellent job of combining the flavours together, maintaining a strong green tea profile but still making the overall product delicious. 

You can see our full reactions to Green Tea Kit Kat in our review below: 
Also, as it says in the blog title, this was a very momentous episode for Crazy from Kong as it was the first ever episode to feature the now much beloved Joe Fiorello. At the time he rather alarmed fans with his slightly mafioso outlook and bizarre out of context statements, resulting in him being referred to in fan comments as "The Creeper".
Later though fans became much more accepting of Joe's unpredictable, off the wall and slightly disjointed personality now commonly referring to him as "The Stoner Guy". I'm happy to say that The Stoner Guy has his own significant fanbase now and has added more than a touch of amusement and confusion to Crazy from Kong.

This episode was also the beginning of a long-running piece of feedback from fans with regards to Joe, which is that he eats Kit Kats incorrectly as you can see from the comments below:

To understand more about Joe and his unusual character and approach to life, I leave you with this memorable self-shot video of him performing a song he wrote:
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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Morinaga Strawberry Daifuku Hi-Chew Candy (森永ハイチュウ いちご大福) - A Very Japanese Crazy from Kong Review!

Ichigo Daifuku
Ok, as you can probably guess from the title, this is a pretty complicated candy so I'm going to explain it out step by step.

Firstly if you haven't eaten Morinaga Hi-Chew Candies before, they are kind of like a cross between a traditional chewy candy and a piece of chewing gum, because they are so chewy you almost feel like you shouldn't swallow them.
Ichigo Daifuku
This is a Hi-Chew Candy
The second element of this particular flavour is Strawberry Daifuku (イチゴ大福) a very popular confection in Japan. These are made by taking a strawberry smothering it with Adzuki bean paste (also known as "red bean paste) and then wrapping the whole thing with a mochi covering (a kind of chewy pastry like substance made from glutinous rice flour).
This is a Strawberry Daifuku
Daifuku actually means "great luck" and they come in a wide variety of flavours and colours and are often given as gifts in Japan for special occasions, when visiting someone's house or even as business gifts. The most traditional kind just contains Adzuki bean paste and nothing else.
This is the most traditional kind of Daifuku
薩摩芋 大福餅
Purple Sweet Potato Daifuku
So what is the result of all these complicated flavours coming together in a few small pieces of very chewy candy? It's decent, not outstanding, but decent. It's interesting trying to pick up all the different flavours, but in this particular case they are a bit too subtle to cause any serious excitement.

Now you may think that is the end of all the excitement around this review, but in fact you would be wrong because there is one very special thing about this episode of Crazy from Kong that I have not mentioned yet, which is that Arne forgot to turn on the microphone while we were recording it!!!

How did we deal with this rather huge disaster, I am sure you are wondering. Well, we came up with a really awesome and very unusual way to deal with this unexpected problem - to see what I mean you'll have to watch the video below: 

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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Brain Juice - Drink This and Get Really Smart!!!

Japanese Drink from Kirin
Lots of people dream of being just a little bit smarter, or having a better memory, or being able to ace their tests without studying and finally there dreams can come true! Just by purchasing an inexpensive drink they can become really smart!

Kirin Brain Juice is filled with DHA (the primary structural component of the brain) and lots of other exciting herbs with unpronounceable names that are guaranteed to make you at least an Einstein level genius after a few cans.

The attractively designed metal bottle shows a professor with a lightbulb for a brain, presumably indicating that he's just had a Eureka moment leading to the creation of this wonderful potion:
Albert Einstein Japanese Brain Juice
The rest of the bottle is covered in complicated mathematical equations, equipment from a chemistry lab (including a conical flask) and other difficult and complicated things that most sensible people know nothing about. 

So how was the experience? Well the drink itself was quite delicious and satisfying, with a sort of light root beer flavour, complimented by the herbally taste of the various intelligence creating essences that have been added. 

Did it work? Of course! I've been a genius ever since I drunk it! 
Don't believe me? Send me a difficult question and I'll answer it. 

To watch me getting instantly smarter as I drink it check out the video review below: 
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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Fish Gummy Candies - Made With Fish Blood, Guts and Ground Bone!!!

Fish Shaped Gummies
Well we were very excited about doing this review, as both Arne and myself love Japanese gummy sweets and these ones came in some super cute, high quality fish shaped packaging which you can see in the picture above.

Arne's packaging was blue and mine was a sort of rainbow colour, indicating that they were most likely different flavours and in addition the image on the front of the packaging seemed to indicate that the gummies contained some sort of yummy filling.

However, we started to get worried when as we saw what was on the back of the packaging for the first time:
Taiyaki Fish Shaped Gummy Bones
A very detailed fish skeleton with fish scale bones, empty eye socket and all... Not quite sure what this meant for our candy, we decided it was just some bizarre Japanese semi-cute / semi-disturbing design like Gloomy Bear

Boy were we wrong... 

Well we opened up the packaging, pulled out a couple of the cute little fish shaped gummies and popped them into our mouths and... promptly almost vomitted!!! 

Yes, these were absolutely disgusting and they smelled horrific too. The flavour was something like stinky fish guts boiled down into a jelly-like state and congealed to full gummy stage with the addition of some chemicals. 

"What the hell is this?" was the immediate thought that went through our heads. The most likely explanation we could come up with after getting over the desire to vomit and discussing it, is that it was some kind of "con" candy designed to trick young children into eating healthy (and disgusting) fish products. And apparently that is exactly what it was! After talking to some of our fans who were familiar with this product, they were able to explain that it is indeed a trick candy and that it is made with fish bones and possibly filled with fish blood... 

Well I can honestly say this was the most disgusting candy I had ever eaten in my life. 

To see our the full horror and shock of the experience, watch the video below: 

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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Crazy Spicy Wasabi Seaweed from Japan!!!

Wasabi Seaweed
Well as you can see from the images above and below, this product comes with the very simple yet positive English description of "Excellent - made in Japan". 
Wasabi Seaweed and geisha
While this certainly intrigued us, it also meant that we had absolutely no idea what we were going to be eating hence making for a rather exciting episode of Crazy from Kong! 

Beyond the interesting title of the product, the packaging was also awesome. It was made of thick metal foil with beautiful colour printing and featured a picture of a geisha in traditional Japanese clothing and a small town with a pagoda in the background, whilst sakura flowers decorated the top. This sort of attention to detail on packaging and making sure it looks absolutely great is very typical for Japanese products, much more so than in the rest of the world. On the right hand side there was some some comic like Japanese writing down the side which undoubtedly describes that product within, but which we couldn't read... 

Well there's not much more to say without spoiling what "Excellent made in Japan" actually is, so you'll just have to watch the video below to find out. What I can say is that it came as quite a shock to us once we finally got it into our mouths! Enjoy the reactions.

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