Sunday, February 14, 2016

Blueberry & Hazelnut Pringles

This was a totally different kind of Pringles than anything we'd tried before and on top of that it was one of our first ever Thai products (after Thai Dried Squid). It comes in a bright baby blue tin and says that it is part of Pringles "Fruit & Nut" series which I'd never heard of before.

As you can see below the packaging has followed a pretty dayglo, happy rainbow type design and looks like it might have been made to appeal to kids, girls or people who love rainbows:
Weird Pringles flavors
Also in the same series was Lemon & Sesame flavour, but it wasn't very exciting so we never released that review. 
So what was Blueberry & Hazelnut Pringles from Thailand like? Well at first sniff it was already shocking with very strong scents of Blueberry and Hazelnut bursting out of the pack. This was no "halfway commitment" flavour. Well in our typical courageous Crazy from Kong way we decided to dive in straightaway and... 
Well it wasn't vomit-worthy bad (at least to my mind), but it was just really really weird... I mean imagine the very salty, super-crispy Pringles chips that we've all come to know and love, but with a healthy dose of sugar, a bunch of ground hazelnuts and some artificial blueberry juice doused on top. It was just too many conflicting strong smells and flavours to cope with. Arne described it as tasting like "Prawns mixed with Candy". 
It was a failure this time, but still we were excited to try a really unusual Pringles flavour and are greatly looking forward to sampling some of the other crazy flavours available like:
Special flavors of Pringles
Bangkok Grilled Chicken Wing
I mean Bangkok Grilled Chicken Wing has to be awesome right?
And I'm pretty excited about the Soft Shell Crab flavour below:
Pringles flavors you've never heard of
The Grilled Shrimp sounds good, but the fact that the chip appears to be dyed Day-glow Pink is a bit worrying...
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