Saturday, September 21, 2013

Lays Magic Masala Chips - A Spicy New Sensation From India!

Fritolay Indian Magic Masala Crisps
Who knew that Lays, one of the most famous brand of crisps from the US, have a totally different line of crisps for the Indian market? Well I was traveling over there a while ago and I came across a whole selection of flavours of Lays created specially for the Indian market. Of the various ones available "Magic Masala" seemed like the most interesting so I picked it up and brought it back to Hong Kong to be the first ever Indian product to be reviewed on Crazy from Kong!

For those of you who don't know Masala means a mix of spices (eg: Garam Masala in India) and you can see the exact mix of spices used for these crisps displayed on the packet: Chilies, Turmeric, Cloves and Ginger. Once we broke open the packet and tasted them, we found out that the crisps were really delicious, full of flavour and with a really prominent spice profile. Many times I've bought crisps in the past with exotic descriptions, but when I tried them I found that they were relatively bland and certainly didn't represent the tastes they claimed, but that was definitely not the case here. These crisps definitely tasted like spicy Masala treats and I could see why they are apparently very popular in India. What a pity they don't seem to sell them anywhere else.

The chips themselves were ridge cut, meaning that they are crunchier than regular chips. I would suggest that a really good way to eat them would be with a cool yoghurt based sauce like the traditional raita (often made with yoghurt, cucumber and mint) below:
Indian Snacks Chips and Crisps
It seems that there are a whole bunch of other specialty Lay's crisps and that there are different sets of special chip series created for each different Asian country! We're definitely going to be reviewing some of the special flavours created for China and hopefully will have the chance to review some more of the delicious Indian ones too. 

Check out our video review below and if anyone has any idea what the tagline on the crisp packet "be a little dilogical" means then please let us know! 

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