Monday, April 21, 2014

7-Eleven Chilled Ramen Noodles - A Cool New Snack!

7 11 noodles
Chilled Ramen noodles in a handy plastic bowl from 7 Eleven, which operates 24 hours in Hong Kong and can be found on almost every street corner, certainly seems like a great idea for a healthy and tasty snack. 

Once we got it back to Arne's place we quickly found out that it was like a fun "do-it-yourself" mini-meal from 7 Eleven, as it came in a whole bunch of separate little packages inside the main container, which you had to blend together yourself and stir with the provided chopsticks. 

Using Arne's Spicy Chilled Ramen Set let's have a look at what was included and what this all entailed:
7-Eleven chilled ramen
This was the original container which the noodles and ingredients arrived in, but also serves as the "mixing bowl" where everything is combined 
Inside this little bag are a bunch of the main ingredients including cucumber and sliced up crab sticks (apparently made from fake crab meat)
As is pretty obvious, these are the "chilled ramen" noodles themselves 
Some delicious sweet soy sauce to add lots of flavour
Spicy chili oil to amp up the heat
Throw the noodles into the pot 
Add in the ingredients
Pour in the sauce and spicy chili oil
And voila deliciousness!
All in all, this was a delicious, inexpensive and possibly even healthy snack - I would definitely recommend it! To see our full reactions to the product as well as a demonstration on how to put it all together, check out the video below:

Here are a selection of other tasty varieties of cold noodles available from 7-Eleven Japan and Korea:
7-11 noodles

7 11 chilled noodles

7 Eleven spicy noodles
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