Thursday, August 15, 2013

Green Tea Kit Kat Review!

Nestle Japan Japanese Green Tea Kit Kat
Green Tea Kit Kat??? Yep, it's real! As, you may already know from some of our past videos and posts Kit Kat Japan releases a minimum of one specialty Kit Kat a month (sometimes up to 4 or 5). These range from delicious and straightforward flavours like Strawberry or Orange, to more creative ones like Melon, Passionfruit or Rum Raisin, right through to some really wacky ones such as Buttered Baked Potato and MOS Burger Kit Kat.

Green Tea is a major thing in Asia and you get green tea everything here (Green Tea Sprite, Green Tea Oreos, Green Tea Haagen-Dazs, Green Tea Caramels) so of course one of the first and most popular choices was Green Tea Kit Kat. In fact this one is available more or less year round and now there are actually a whole range of different types of Green Tea Kit Kat that are available at any given time. The particular one we are reviewing which I believe is the original is called Uji Matcha Kit Kat, where Uji is a resort town famous for the quality of it's green tea and Matcha is the Japanese fine powder Green Tea.

When creating these chocolate bars Nestle Japan are almost always very faithful to what they have declared on the packaging, so you can see from the image below that the bars are a bright green colour from the Matcha being mixed with white chocolate and in-between the wafers there is a darker green Matcha cream filling.
Kit Kat Japan Uji Matcha Green Tea Kit Kat
So the question is, does this flavour combination work of chocolate, wafers, cream filling and green tea work? First, I should mention that I'm not an enormous fan of green tea flavoured things and quite often find that I don't enjoy lots of green tea products which other people insist are amazing. With that in mind, I actually still found this very good! As is quite common for Kit Kat Japan, they did an excellent job of combining the flavours together, maintaining a strong green tea profile but still making the overall product delicious. 

You can see our full reactions to Green Tea Kit Kat in our review below: 
Also, as it says in the blog title, this was a very momentous episode for Crazy from Kong as it was the first ever episode to feature the now much beloved Joe Fiorello. At the time he rather alarmed fans with his slightly mafioso outlook and bizarre out of context statements, resulting in him being referred to in fan comments as "The Creeper".
Later though fans became much more accepting of Joe's unpredictable, off the wall and slightly disjointed personality now commonly referring to him as "The Stoner Guy". I'm happy to say that The Stoner Guy has his own significant fanbase now and has added more than a touch of amusement and confusion to Crazy from Kong.

This episode was also the beginning of a long-running piece of feedback from fans with regards to Joe, which is that he eats Kit Kats incorrectly as you can see from the comments below:

To understand more about Joe and his unusual character and approach to life, I leave you with this memorable self-shot video of him performing a song he wrote:
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