Thursday, August 8, 2013

Fish Gummy Candies - Made With Fish Blood, Guts and Ground Bone!!!

Fish Shaped Gummies
Well we were very excited about doing this review, as both Arne and myself love Japanese gummy sweets and these ones came in some super cute, high quality fish shaped packaging which you can see in the picture above.

Arne's packaging was blue and mine was a sort of rainbow colour, indicating that they were most likely different flavours and in addition the image on the front of the packaging seemed to indicate that the gummies contained some sort of yummy filling.

However, we started to get worried when as we saw what was on the back of the packaging for the first time:
Taiyaki Fish Shaped Gummy Bones
A very detailed fish skeleton with fish scale bones, empty eye socket and all... Not quite sure what this meant for our candy, we decided it was just some bizarre Japanese semi-cute / semi-disturbing design like Gloomy Bear

Boy were we wrong... 

Well we opened up the packaging, pulled out a couple of the cute little fish shaped gummies and popped them into our mouths and... promptly almost vomitted!!! 

Yes, these were absolutely disgusting and they smelled horrific too. The flavour was something like stinky fish guts boiled down into a jelly-like state and congealed to full gummy stage with the addition of some chemicals. 

"What the hell is this?" was the immediate thought that went through our heads. The most likely explanation we could come up with after getting over the desire to vomit and discussing it, is that it was some kind of "con" candy designed to trick young children into eating healthy (and disgusting) fish products. And apparently that is exactly what it was! After talking to some of our fans who were familiar with this product, they were able to explain that it is indeed a trick candy and that it is made with fish bones and possibly filled with fish blood... 

Well I can honestly say this was the most disgusting candy I had ever eaten in my life. 

To see our the full horror and shock of the experience, watch the video below: 

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